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For the Second Consecutive Year, St. Petersburg DUI Attorney Donald J. Kilfin is a Selected Member of the NAFDD


NAFDD identifies the top criminal defense attorneys in each state based upon their experience, reputation, and achievements, among other factors. Those selected dedicate a significant portion of their practice to representing individuals accused of DUI offenses.

DUI law is a complicated field. Effective DUI attorneys navigate through many complex legal issues, including the lawfulness of stops, detentions, and arrests; the reliability of field sobriety tests; the accuracy of blood and breath testing methods, including retrograde extrapolations; and driver's license ramifications and administrative hearings. The attorneys selected by NAFDD have distinguished themselves by demonstrating particularized knowledge, skill, and experience in each of these areas, among others.

NAFDD's selection criteria are driven by a number of considerations. To meet minimum eligibility requirements, an attorney (1) must be licensed and in good standing with his or her state bar organization; (2) must be in private practice; (3) has to have practiced DUI law for at least seven years, and (4) must devote a significant portion of his or her practice to DUI defense. Additional factors include:

  • Total length of time the attorney has been practicing criminal law
  • Number of DUI clients the attorney has represented
  • Jury trial experience
  • Bench trial experience
  • DUI case results
  • Formal DUI training
  • DUI publications
  • DUI presentations
  • Available peer reviews
  • Available client reviews
  • DUI related achievements and/or awards
  • History of ethical disciplinary actions

Attorney Donald J. Kilfin has been practicing law in the Tampa Bay area for nearly sixteen years, including six years as a Pinellas county state prosecutor. In that capacity, he was assigned to countless DUI cases, both misdemeanor and felony, and gained a thorough understanding of the intricate nuances of Florida DUI law. As a prosecutor, Mr. Kilfin tried many DUI cases, and litgated many pre-trial motions, against some of Tampa Bay's best criminal defense and DUI attorneys, which has made him a much more knowledgable, well rounded DUI defense attorney today. The Kilfin Law Firm, P.C. dedicates a signicant portion of its practice to representing clients charged with DUI offenses in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and the surrounding area.

The National Advocacy for DUI Defense understands that there is no easy way to separate an accomplished DUI attorney from the less experienced. By recognizing the best DUI attorneys in each state and across the nation, NAFDD validates professional excellence in the legal community. Its statewide selections serve as a valuable resource for clients looking for experienced and competent DUI defense counsel.

To view Mr. Kilfin's profile with NAFDD, click on the following link: St. Petersburg DUI Attorney.

If you have been arrested for DUI in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, or a surrounding area, contact The Kilfin Law Firm, P.C. to discuss your case.