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Traffic Offense Representation

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This section lists and describes some of the more common, non-DUI traffic offenses our clients face but is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol, see the DUI section of our website. The Kilfin Law Firm, P.C. represents clients in all traffic related matters throughout the Tampa Bay area.

This section is divided into the following subsections:

In Florida, certain types of traffic violations, such as reckless driving, constitute criminal offenses, whereas others, such as careless driving or driving on a suspended license without knowledge, constitute non-criminal (or civil) infractions. In other states, such as Georgia, all traffic infractions (including speeding) are deemed criminal offenses. Sometimes, where a person is cited for a criminal offense, the state may be willing to amend the charge to a non-criminal traffic infraction if the underlying circumstances justify the amendment. For obvious reasons, this can be of tremendous benefit to an accused person.

You should be aware that your license may be revoked as a Habitual Traffic Offender if, within a five year period, you are convicted of any three (or more) of the following offenses:

If you are designated a Habitual Traffic Offender, your license will be suspended for a period of five years and there is no hardship eligibility for the first twelve months. Driving while your license has been suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

This section also outlines Florida's "Point System". For each conviction, the driver is assessed a certain number of points. The accumulation of points will result in the suspension of the person's driver's license, as follows:

  • If the licensee accumulates twelve points within a twelve month period, the period of suspension shall be for not more than thirty days.
  • If the licensee accumulates eighteen points within an eighteen month period, the suspension shall be for a period of not more than 18 months;
  • If the licensee accumulates twenty four points within a thirty six month period, the suspension shall be for not more than one year.

Often, there is much that can be done to avoid the imposition of points and maintain a person's driving privilege where it may otherwise be suspended.

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Attorney Donald J. Kilfin has handled thousands of traffic related matters as a Pinellas county state prosecutor and a St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney and is very familiar with Florida's traffic laws. Mr. Kilfin can be reached seven days per week to discuss your matter. Evening and weekend appointments are always available.

If you have been cited for a traffic offense in St. Petersburg or the nearby communities, contact our offices before paying the fine or appearing in court.

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