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Florida Highway Patrol Launches Multi-Day Statewide TACT Campaign


Those that are prone to drive in an aggressive manner may want to take a more subtle approach over the next two weeks. Yesterday, the Florida Highway Patrol announced the launch of its most recent TACT campaign, which will continue through Thursday, November 5th, 2015. TACT is an acronym for "Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks" and, as the name more than implies, FHP Troopers will be on high alert for those who drive in an aggressive or careless manner. The FHP usually conducts three to four TACT campaigns annually.

The most recent campaign is being conducted, in large part, by the FHP's commercial enforcement troopers who will be focused on aggressive driving patterns around large commercial vehicles. According to a spokesman for FHP's Troop C, which covers the Tampa Bay area, the purpose is to "call people's attention to the fact that these are bigger vehicles" and "have much larger blind spots". FHP Chief Troy Thompson reiterated that that "Exercising patience when driving around large trucks and other vehicles will help to ensure the safety of everyone on the roadway". Even though the focus will be on large trucks, it is a safe bet that all aggressive drivers throughout St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding areas are more likely to be pulled over for reckless driving, careless driving, racing on highways, speeding, and other related infractions over the course of the next two weeks.

Many traffic offenses in Florida constitute civil (non-criminal) infractions, but others are criminal in nature (including, for example, Reckless Driving and Racing on Highways). If you are stopped for any traffic infraction, and the Trooper detects signs of impairment (drugs or alcohol) the stop may be an unfortunate segue into a DUI investigation.

Please be careful out there folks - especially over the next couple of weeks and while driving near large trucks. While you should always drive with caution and prudence, a heightened awareness of the TACT campaign may spare you the unpleasantries of a traffic ticket, its associated penalties, court dates, and in cases involving an ensuing DUI arrest, thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, DUI school, treatment, costs of probation, and a truck load of inconvenience.