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Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?


While you have the right to represent yourself in court, this is generally a foolish decision in a criminal case. A St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer will have the knowledge necessary to craft a strong, effective defense on your behalf, and can search for subtle loopholes in the prosecution’s case which can mean the difference between walking free, and spending years behind bars. There are numerous reasons why you should retain a criminal defense lawyer if you’re facing charges, and the main ones are as follows:

  • To Examine the Evidence Against You

The prosecution will attempt to build the strongest case possible against you. However, even cases which seem clear-cut can have major holes. A skilled criminal defense attorney will know what weak points or loopholes to look for in the prosecution’s case, and can in many cases use their own evidence to defend you.

  • To Ensure Your Paperwork Is Completed Properly

When it comes to your criminal case, filing the appropriate paperwork at the necessary times is absolutely crucial. The courts aren’t particularly forgiving when it comes to the necessary documentation, so it’s crucial to retain a lawyer who understands the process and can ensure that everything is handled in a timely manner.

  • To Negotiate Lesser Sentences

In many criminal cases, an attorney is able to negotiate a plea bargain or deal, which imposes lesser penalties in exchange for a guilty or no-contest plea. While you ideally would like all charges to be dismissed, a plea bargain is usually far better than being found guilty.

  • To Protect Against Fabricated Testimony

While most officers and expert witnesses attempt to give the most honest, straightforward testimony possible, there are those who will lie on the stand to put you behind bars. Even if there is no malicious intent, eyewitness accounts of the incident in question can often be skewed by time. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can cross–examine these witnesses, and often can bring the testimony into question.

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