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Thank You


Today marks the second anniversary of The Kilfin Law Firm, P.C. While it has been a seemingly long (and at times challenging) journey since the day our doors opened, I am truly grateful for the many people I have crossed paths with and had the opportunity to serve. To my former and current clients, both in Atlanta and throughout the Tampa Bay area, thank you for putting your trust in me. Please know that I live with your legal problems too - each one of you are my responsibility and there is nothing I take more seriously than that.

Many of you, and your family members, have become personal friends of mine during the pendency of your case, and those relationships have continued long after. There are very few things as rewarding to me as a successful resolution to your case, and hearing about how well you are doing thereafter. Every one of you has my personal contact information and I welcome you to call or e-mail me any time to give me an update.

Without you, there is no Kilfin Law Firm. As your lawyer, I will always give you everything I've got - in terms of time, experience, and grit. Many thanks for allowing me to work for you. -Donny Kilfin.