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  • Best of the best!
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    “From the minute I spoke with Mr. Kilfin, I knew I was in the best hands for my situation. He is a complete professional; an expert in his field! His commitment to his profession is astounding. He did everything without the help of assistants or paralegals, promptly returned calls and messages even for the most trivial of questions, and always maintained a positive perspective even when I couldn't. If you should ever find yourself facing an issue where you need a lawyer, I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Kilfin. He will not let you down!”


  • The light on my families darkest days
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    “Swift action led to my brothers successful defense in 2and degree murder arrest, well spoken and sharp mind but also down to earth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”


  • value
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    “Aparte de eso, luego, será muy pertenecer a un test de personalidad cuesta sospechar. Ver teléfono... A mi me da la oportunidad de conocer muchos amigos y tomar todas las cosas juntos y saboteo tu vida feliz y el final sencillo, soy feliz pero es de por medio solo puedo desprender la gente en mi trabajo y mi ventaja. Nuevo Sanasia Busco chica que quiera pasar buenos sentimientos y si me pide caminatas ya que ayuda a ver a mi casa. Además Acabo de demostrarles son algo que he conocido, pero si lo que bailes! Scapela. Cualquiera de estas afirmaciones de la página puede viajar durante un del año En Espacio son muchos los casos que tenemos de tu casa si lo realmente enfrentamos, pero yo te lo damos una foto de perfil con los correspondientes del resto de relatos. Busco Chico para relacion”


  • Appreciative beyond words
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    “Never have I been in a situation where I felt so helpless, but Mr. Kilfin changed that. He was kind, caring and considerate. Three things I never expected from a lawyer. He educated, guided and instilled hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. He made himself available when others wouldn't. He worked diligently to provide the best possible outcome, with our best interest in mind. He was fair, genuine and extremely insightful. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a trustworthy lawyer and fully intend on utilizing his capabilities if ever in need.”

    Happy client

  • The Best of The Best. As loyal they come
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    “Being from other State, and facing Two Felony Charges, ( over a stupid Cell phone ) I need someone that would have my back 110 percent, and That I had total confidence in.( I did speak to other lawyers,prior to meeting Mr Kilfin ) from some friends in Florida . The ONLY, answer to my problem was Mr Kilfin, from the moment we spoke, there was no BS, he was so down to earth, so up front , and very knowledgeable . Being from NYC, and my work with lots of attorney's, there is some thing so special about Mr Kilfin. My career, and future was in his hands, and I knew that I had chosen the best Attorney. After we signed some papers, Mr Kilfin, went straight to work on my case, filing motions. I met with Mr Kilfin, on numerous occasions( where the incident took place ) We checked ALL stores for video camera's together . Mr Kilfin, was always apologizing to me !!! for the situation I was in. There was not one time, MR Kilfin, did not return my calls, or text. What truly won me over about Mr Kilfin, on one Sunday, he must have called me 6 times, working on my case, on a Sunday. ! Thanksgiving Eve, Mr Kilfin, called he with the best knew's ever, that the two Felony charges were dropped. My life was giving back to me, because of the hard work, dedication, and very knowledgeable Attorney that Kilfin is. I am forever ever great full, " Donnie " ( Mr Kilfin ) . Thank You , so much ! Your a amazing Attorney, but more important, a great human being. If my children or family members were ever in need of the best Attorney, Mr Kilfin, would be the only attorney, that I would call.”

    James J Mullan

  • Trust & Respect; Donnie is all you Need
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    “From the moment he first answered my call via his mobile phone, I knew I had chosen the right attorney for my case. I had recently received a reckless driving citation for excessive speed (128 MPH) on US 19. Donnie went to work right away after my first and only visit with him. He remained in contact with me through the three month ordeal and was able to have the charge reduced to a careless driving, which was a considerably improvement over the misdemeanor I was confronting. Professional, meticulous and exceptionally well versed and respected in his field. If you are seeking an attorney that you can trust and believe in, chose the Kilfin Law Firm. You will not be sorry; Donnie Kilfin is the real deal. Donnie, I can’t thank you enough for taking charge from start to finish. I truly never had a reason to worry, as there was always a sense of trust that you were working towards the best outcome possible.”

    Richard M

  • A " Stellar Gentleman" that's the only way to describe Donnie Kilfin...
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    “"Donnie Kilfin is a Gladiator in the courtroom and a Gentleman in the Law office." End of story.”

    Matthew C,

  • Donnie is the Best!
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    “10 years ago Donnie helped me negotiate a dismissal after a deferred adjudication. Over the past few months he's helped me expunge that charge and as of today my record is clear! Donnie knows what he is doing. You want him on your side.”


  • Donny is ALL YOU NEED!
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    “If you need the best, give Donny a call. He will answer the phone and explain everything clearly. Donny was extremely supportive and positive! During our 5 months together, he helped me to believe in myself and not let this situation define me. He worked very hard and kept me informed on updates etc. Don't look for anyone else, he is what you need on your side. He is ALL YOU NEED!”


  • Best attorney who goes above and beyond!!!!
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    “So when I made a mistake I went to google for help find a attorney and I picked Donnie because of his reviews. Everything I read about him has been true. The first time I contacted him online he was emailing me at 5am ready to help. He’s a very intelligent man who knows how to defend his clients. He continuously follows up with you and keeps you in the loop. He has the ability to make a personal connection with you and makes you feel like you’re his only client. I can’t thank him enough for all the work he has done for me. He’s easy to talk too and I would recommend him without any hesitation.”


  • Donald Kilfin Literally Saved My Life.
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    “I’ve struggled with drug addiction for a while now and been in and out of jail. Recently I was arrested and looking at some time in prison, but Donnie helped me going above and beyond by giving me the option instead of prison going to a drug rehab. He was with me every step of the way. In court and threw the program he never left my side or even stop having faith in me where everyone close to has given up. Now I have successfully completed the program, involved in a 12 step program and starting school in January. I really owe it all to him cause I could of went to prison been let out and probably went right back to what I was doing before. So again thank Donnie you truly saved my life and helped me see that there was more to living than what I was so used to.”

    Anthony F.

  • Look no further...
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    “If you need the best lawyer possible, call attorney Donny Kilfin. I found myself needing a lawyer at 4:30pm on a Friday and Donny personally answered the call himself. I've been dealing with a felony case for over 20 years and thought I would never be totally free from this mistake. Donny reviewed my case and did his due diligence. This man is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about his clients. His communication is beyond expectation, you know at all times what is going on with your case and the expected approach he will take. Donny is the guy you want on your side. His commitment, tenacity and experience is off the charts. Thank you Donny, my family and I will always be indebted to you.”


  • He believed in me before I could.
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    “This experience has helped me to realize the potential that I have in my life. Mr. Kilfin has been with me from the beginning, He is always the first one in the court room and will always take time out of his day to talk. He went above and beyond anything that i expected a lawyer to do. Without a doubt I will suggest him to anyone that is in need of services. He is a great man.”

    Greg F.

  • My son was blessed to have Donny Kilfin by his side.
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    “Thank you Donny Kilfin! You are not only a Great Lawyer, but also you are a very carrying person. My son was blessed to have you by his side in his darkest time! With your excellent performance, you gave my son a chance to start his life from a new page. I will have you in my prayers all my life. Thank you and God bless you Donny!”

    Oksana M.

  • Make Choosing Attorney Donald Kilfin Esq. Your #1 Priority.
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    “If you are looking for and need an exceptional and effective attorney then you have arrived at the correct location. Donny is one of the few attorneys that place his client needs above almost everything else. On his firm’s website he states that “My Clients Are Always My #1 Priority – I go above and beyond to make sure my clients’ rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.” And that he is “committed to providing the residents of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding areas with the highest quality of legal services, at affordable rates…” Those statements are not just words, but are actual reality. You’ll find no fake news or alternative facts here or on his website. Just pray that he is willing to take you on as a client. When I contacted a local well known attorney’s office, I was told by his office staff that there was nothing the attorney could (or would) do for me, not even granting me an office visit (I guess that was due to the nature of my alleged charges). Donny was open armed and he listen to what I had say, accepted me as a client, took the voluminous amount of papers that had I prepared for him and he read them all before our next meet meeting. Donny is always willing to listen to whatever you have to say. If you accidentally interrupt him, he will stop what he is saying and gently encourage you to speak your mind. He is willing to take your advice and act on possible alternative routes that might obtain results. As your attorney he’ll contact you and keep you informed and updated on your issues. Donny is a graduate of Stetson University College of Law with almost 20 years professional criminal law experience including a six-year career as a Pinellas County state prosecutor. He has received many citations and awards including being listed as in the TOP 100 TRIAL LAWYERS by THE NATIONAL TRIAL LAWYERS association. With his extensive knowledge, contacts, working relationships and friendships, he will serve you well as your attorney. I hope that you are fortunate enough (and smart enough to choose) to have Donald J. Kilfin, Esq. as your attorney.”

    Ken H.

  • The jury quickly returned a not guilty verdict to a complicated case.
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    “Donny defended a family member of mine at trial. He was thorough with his trial preparation and it showed. His closing argument was outstanding. He was clear and persuasive. The jury quickly returned a not guilty verdict to a complicated case. I highly recommend him.”

    Chris L.

  • Proved my innocence and resulted in a NOT guilty verdict.
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    “I would whole-heartedly recommend attorney Donald Kilfin to anyone who happens to find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney. Being a former prosecutor gives him a unique perspective of how strong or weak the prosecution’s case is. Mr. Kilfin is so detail-oriented that he reviewed witness statements line-by-line for discrepancies and/or inconsistencies. Every piece of evidence was reviewed and analyzed to decide the best way to use it. He kept me informed step-by-step throughout the whole process. His hard work and research allowed him to know my case inside and out, and he was quick to point out inaccuracies and falsehoods in my ex-husband’s testimony. Mr. Kilfin looked and acted like a professional throughout the three day trial. His closing argument was everything a client could ask for: he covered every aspect that needed to be said, and he had the jury listening intently and even nodding agreement when he pointed out facts of the case that proved my innocence and resulted in a NOT guilty verdict due to self-defense. Watching Mr. Kilfin during the trial was amazing and anyone in need of help should definitely contact his office.”

    Mad Cad

  • Personally involved in your case and makes you feel as if you are family.
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    “Donny Kilfin represented me several times through some of the most difficult and trying times in my life.You will never find someone more dedicated, hard working, intelligent and caring towards their clients.He has an extremely personal level of commitment to his clients..I consider him one of the truly best persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Donny's level of dedication is truly amazing. He is personally involved in your case and makes you feel as if you are family. I could never thank him enough!”

    Scott H.

  • The "Iron Man" of Criminal Defense Attorneys!!!
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    “Attorney Donald Kilfin inherited my criminal case (consisting of five felonies) from my previously retained counsel. By the time he became involved, my legal situation had gone from bad to worse, with a minimum mandatory 10/20/life sentence. Issues were further complicated by various factors including family dynamics, mental health issues, and the necessity to deal with a highly bureaucratic Veteran's Administration system ... not to mention my own stubbornness and lack of patience. But through his tenacity, sincerity, diligence and persistence, Mr. Kilfin was able to secure an adjudication withhold and a brief term of probation, which is a rarely, if ever achieved outcome under these circumstances. I have worked in the legal industry for over twenty-five years. Attorney Donald Kilfin is without question a rare breed among his colleagues, and I would recommend none other.”

    Richard A.

  • An attorney that actual cares about his clients.
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    “I hired Donald Kilfin when I found out I had an outstanding warrant out for me in a case over 20 years old for which I went to prison in 1984. I was scared & petrified at the same time, especially after 20 years. We spoke via telephone on numerous occasions prior to my returning to Florida. Upon my return to Florida, we met and he arranged a hearing where I could turn myself into the Court. He also got the warrant for my arrest rescinded, got me released on my own personal recognance and arranged so that I could leave the State to fly home with my husband. When I returned for Court, he got the charges dismissed with only a fine. Personally, I cannot praise this man enough. You're the BEST Donny, thank you, Margaret.”

    Happy Client

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    “I hired Donald Kilfin to defend me in my DUI, possession (with oxycontin) and driving with a suspended license. BEST DECISION EVER. I needed an attorney who was personable, aggressive, confident and intelligent. Donny was all those things and a lot more. He is very easy to talk to, is understanding and is isn't judgmental. He truly cared about me and my case. He always answered the phone or got back to you in a few hours. Donny told us what to expect from him and what to expect in court. My case turned out better than we both could have hoped for. I don' t want to sound like a broken record but thanks to Donny, I was able to straighten out my life and put all this behind me.”

    David R.

  • He is very committed to his clients and I felt that he genuinely cared about me and my son.
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    “If you are reading these reviews, you are probably trying to make a decision on hiring an attorney. You are looking for someone who will provide you the best representation in a very complicated legal system. Donald Kilfin is that attorney. Donald represented my son who was charged with multiple felony charges. Based on the charges he was looking at a substantial prison sentence. He was very through in his investigation of the charges. His experience both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney allowed him to effectively work with the prosecuting attorney. He was able to negotiate reduction of some of the charges and a dismissal. Outcome 7 months in county instead of years in state. He exceeded our expectations. The amazing thing about Donald is his communication skills. He kept me and my son informed of all actions he was taking. He always returned my phone calls in a prompt manner, and many times he initiated the communication. He is very committed to his clients and I felt that he genuinely cared about me and my son. I would highly recommend Donald Kilfin.”


  • Extremely Professional and Tireless Work Ethic!
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    “Donny handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism. His drive and motivation towards a positive resolution is astounding. I would highly recommend Donny to anyone that requires legal representation.”

    Happy Client

  • He is the Best Lawyer & Worked Tirelessly for the Best Deal.
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    “My son made some bad choices and he needed a good criminal defense lawyer. He was charged 23 felonies. He was going to go to prison for 12 to 15yrs and being charged with even one felony would have ruined the rest of his life. Donnie was more than we could have ever hoped for. He informed us of all our choices and he told us what he thought was the best option in this case. Donnie got the DA to give our son the First Offenders deal. Not only did he not go to prison, Donnie got all the felonies reduced to misdemeanors and he only had to serve six months in jail with probation afterwards. I don't know what I would have done without Donnie. I thought my sons life was over and he is only 19. Donnie held my hand through it all. He never failed to talk us through it or call us back when we had a question or concern. He helped my son through this whole ordeal. He has made a big difference in my sons life, and mine. If you need a lawyer that is on your side Donnie Kilfin is your man!!! He will work until he gets the best deal you could get.”


  • Very Professional & Caring Attorney.
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    “Mr. Kilfin represented my DIL who was facing a prison term of up to 8 years. Through his professional knowledge of criminal law and outstanding perseverance, he got the charges reduced to a very minimal sentence with a 6 month house arrest and 6 month in house rehabilitation program and NO PRISON TIME! We were kept in constant contact from Mr. Kilfin throughout this process with no time lasped in getting this case settled. He is diligent and highly respected in his position, which is a plus to have in such a compassionate and caring attorney. We are so very grateful that we had him to represent her as this was a very devastating time for everyone involved and he did a marvelous job and we thank him so much for everything he did. God forbid we should ever need an attorney again, you can bet we will call the best, Donald Kilfin!”


  • He was very respectful and did not judge.
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    “I hired Donny as my lawyer for a DUI case. He was very knowledgeable and kept me up to date with everything that was going on. He did everything he could to get me the minimum penalties possible, and succeeded in doing so. I did not have to go back to jail and was sentenced to only 40 hours community service, one year probation and a fine. He was able to speak to the policeman and got the officer to drop my administrative license suspension. He was very respectful and did not judge me for the mistake I made. He was very fair with his pricing. I would definitely recommend him. The whole process was new to me and he kept me well informed and made it so much easier for me and my family to understand.”


  • I couldn't be more impressed, thank you Donald, for everything!
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    “Donald Kilfin helped me recently on several traffic violations. I was very impressed with not only the knowledge and ongoing communication throughout the process- but more so the simplicity. He took on what seemed to me to be a very overwhelming and nerve wracking situation, and simplified the entire process into terms that were often too easy to understand. I couldn't be more impressed, thank you Donald, for everything! Simply amazed.”


  • I was very impressed with his professionalism.
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    “Mr. Kilfin recently represented me in a matter in Clayton County, Georgia. I was very impressed with his professionalism and could not have hoped for better result. I would highly recommend him.”

    Happy Client

  • The Results Could Not Have Been Better!
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    “Donny handled my 19 yr old son's case in an excellent manner. We were very pleased with his representation and the results could not have been better! On the day of court, he was the most professional lawyer in the courtroom and we were very happy to have him there for us.”


  • Far exceeded our expectations.
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    “Through his professionalism,compassion,knowledge,understanding,and dedication,Mr.Kilfin guided my son and my family through the most difficult period in our lives. Always quick to respond to any of our phone calls or e mails, Donny kept us up to date on the progress of my sons case throughout the entire time it took to resolve it. The outcome he achieved for my son given the severity of the charges was nothing short of miraculous .It gave a young man a second chance at life and kept a family together when the future was looking bleak. Mr Kilfins knowledge of the law and his understanding of what our family was going through far exceeded our expectations.”


  • Great Lawyer Who Will Take Good Care of You!
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    “I had the pleasure of practicing with Donny in Florida. He is conscientious and works diligently for all of his clients. Donny is up on developing case law and goes the extra mile to get extraordinary results. When you speak with Donny you will truly see that he cares about you and your issues. He gives that one on one personal attention to all of his clients and their special needs. You will not regret hiring Donny Kilfin as your lawyer!”


  • A Defense Attorney With Integrity!
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    “Should you require criminal representation, I highly recommend Donald Kilfin. I have met both Mr.Hessinger and Mr. Kilfin. Both and the staff very professional. Mr. Kilfin listened to me very intently and has spent long time explaining the legal proceedings ,step by step making sure that I do understand it all. All my concerns were addressed,every single phone call was very promptly returned,every legal action was discussed.I was always informed of the progress of the case and expected outcome. I have never felt judged; there was compassion,kind words,understanding and full attention. Very supportive,very kind and very caring. The case resolution was very satisfactory. I highly recommend Mr. Kilfin.”

    Happy Client

  • The Best Lawyer. Hands Down.
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    “I got into some trouble early on in the year. It was marijuana related and it was just a pain in the butt, what I had to go through. I wanted a lawyer who would settle the case for me and Donny did exactly that! Excellent lawyer.”


  • Successful, Knowledgeable & Caring Attorney.
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    “Based on Mr. Kilfin's credentials (and that of his partner) as well as the information provided on his website, I decided to call for an initial review. From the moment I first talked with Mr. Kilfin I knew I had selected the right attorney. He listened carefully to everything I had to say and then fully explained the issues involved with my case. He explained each element of the charges, enumerated the specific points of the law which would impact my case, and ensured that I understood everything fully. He then outlined the measures he would take (in collaboration with his partner) to defend me if I chose to retain him as my attorney. Only after I had been given everything I needed to know was the issue of cost(s) mentioned...costs which I found very reasonable. I then requested an in-person meeting wherein he immediately made room for me on his schedule. He is very personable and knowledgeable and took as much time as I needed in order to be comfortable with my decision to retain his firm. Meeting personally with Mr. Kilfin only confirmed that I had made the right choice. During the time he represented me, I was kept informed of every action taken related to the case. More than just a client-attorney relationship, he expressed and demonstrated genuine concern for me. Due to his persuasive written arguments and personal contact with the prosecutor, the charges related to my case were dropped. I give my highest recommendation to Mr. Kilfin.”


  • Best in Pinellas county.
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    “Donnie is the best at what he does he goes above and beyond.He was there the next day in the court room going to work for me.He takes time to talk to you and break everything down so you understand if you don't know all of the process that will happen.He was always there if you have questions about anything going on and even called me on his own time just to make sure I was doing ok. To say that Mr. Kilfin is a life saver is an understatement. He is the best in Pinellas and has been able to give me my life back.”

    Joe S.

  • Best attorney in Pinellas hands down!!!
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    “I am not sure where to begin as my emotions overwhelm me..... Donny you have believed in me since day 1 and for that I am eternally grateful!!! You represented me first in 2015 and helped walk me through my v.o.p. by giving me guidance and helping pick me back up to get on the right track. With your persistence and my willingness you were able to keep me out of jail and I got my probation terminated early. That is where my relationship started with you and I did well for a while, but it wasn't long before my addiction consumed me again and caught 12 more charges!!!! I came to your office completely broken and extremely intoxicated and cried and begged for your help. You just observed my physical and mental state and said " Melanie you lost the fire in your eyes". You reluctantly agreed to represent me. My bond got revoked due to my erratic behavior and I ended up in jail on all 12 theft related charges. As I sat there facing prison time in a state of such despair and depression, you began fighting for my life when I had given up! You came to visit me in jail and offer me words of encouragement. You fought so intensely to get me into drug court, even though I had no drug charges. God willing, that's when I got sentenced to 7 months, inpatient rehab (West Care). You assured me this was the best choice that I could make for my life and were right. I surrendered and committed my whole being to a new way of life. Now I sit here a changed woman, someone that is confident, walks with integrity and humility, and strong through my faith in God. I just celebrated 1 year COMPLETELY clean and sober!!! I can be a mother, daughter, and girlfriend to my family!! Donny you are no longer just my lawyer, I have developed a personal relationship through this journey and look to you as a friend and role model. I thank you so very much for being so passionate when it comes to your career, which allows you to provide excellence as a defense attorney!!! I am so happy I choose you to represent me!!!”

    Melanie M.

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